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Are you a leader or emerging leader looking to make a meaningful impact? Do you have a progressive vision and want to shift the paradigm of leadership?


We are living in an era of profound change; if there was ever a time we needed conscious leaders in service of evolutionary change - the time is now. Be Conscious Self Leadership is the response to that calling...


Leadership itself is at risk of being dehumanised: diluted to a 'doing' activity, limited to strategy and sales, profits over people. Many leaders feel the pressure to perform more like an algorithm than a human being, yet recognise that people themselves are the driving forces behind systems, structures and success. The result: burnt out leaders and dysfunctional work forces.

We are witnessing an existential crisis of leadership. The world is being challenged to heal the 'wounded' hierarchical leadership that no longer serves the needs of the planet, the economy or humanity. This requires a radical shift in consciousness, and this starts with leaders themselves - leaders like you.

Leadership is grounded in who we are, not what we do. Our history, our heartbreaks and our core beliefs all influence our inner orientation, which determines our outer results. When we are not conscious of our internal wounding, limitations and conditioning, we lead through our 'survival self', creating an external reality that mirror this.


'Conscious Leadership' is about cultivating deep self awareness, a well of emotional strength and the ability to see the Whole. Conscious Leaders are self-led, people aware and ultimately seek to serve the progressive change that is needed for sustainable, innovative business. Connected to a greater existential sense of value, meaning and purpose, they look for the emerging opportunities within crisis. Through conscious leadership, they authentically inspire organisational cultures grounded in relational resolution and positive transformation.

Are you a leader ready to do the inner work in service of your vision and mission?...

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"We desperately need more leaders who are committed to courageous, wholehearted leadership and who are self-aware enough to lead from their hearts, rather than unevolved leaders who lead from hurt and fear”

- Brené Brown


Unlock your true Leadership potential...

As a Individual and Organisational Leadership Coach, as well as a multidisciplinary Psychotherapist, I draw upon my experience and expertise in human psychology, relationship dynamics, and the 5 Dimensions of Leadership model to support you in becoming a Conscious Leader. As a trusted confidant, I will coach you to:

Cultivate conscious awareness of your historic conditioning &

how this has shaped the way you lead personally & professionally


Manage emotional reactivity through body awareness & mindful self-regulation practices in high-pressure environments

Dis-identify from your 'survival self' & connect to your leadership potential through your authentic Self 


Uncover unconscious mindsets & limiting beliefs that block innovation, creativity & break-through thinking


Understand systemic forces, group dynamics & the relationship between the individual and the whole organisational system

Transform personal wounding into leadership wisdom in service of purpose-led people management

Illuminate blind spots, build self-trust & free your will in difficult decision making 

Nurture connected relationships with colleagues, stakeholders & investors whilst holding healthy professional boundaries with integrity

Communicate with clarity, compassion & appropriate vulnerability

Maximise your leadership impact through conscious action aligned with emotional congruence that inspires positive change

Are you ready and willing to do the inner work and rise up to the challenges of modern leadership?

1:1 Conscious Leadership Coaching

Be Conscious Leadership is a 3 month coaching experience that facilitates inner transformation for individuals who want to lead with their whole selves. I tailor the experience attuned to your personal needs and the progressive outcomes of your organisation or mission.


~ 6 x 1 hour bi-weekly coaching sessions, held either in person at my practice or online for your convenience

~ Confidential & non-judgemental space to talk, process & share personal & professional dilemma's

~ Insightful psycho-education that includes mental health, conscious organisations & unlocking leadership potential in challenging environments


~ Unlimited email support & resources such as TedTalks, Podcasts & reading lists to accelerate your leadership development

I work with leaders and emerging talent who want to make a difference to their organisation and the wider world. I offer private and corporate rates, including payment plans and tailor packages to the unique requirements.

Request your FREE 30 minute chemistry call to discuss your personal and professional needs.

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Real Leaders. Real Testimonials

"Running a business and being an entrepreneur can be incredibly stressful. The pressures of staffing, customers, premises and overheads can really take their toll on your personal wellbeing. Coaching with Charlotte really opened my mind to ask myself why I run my business the way I do? What actually is my business and what are the mid and long term goals?


She helped me gain a deeper understanding of who I am and play to my skills and strengths. This ultimately led to a complete re-brand, which has energised my passion for what I do. Charlotte helped me launch an entire new product and navigate the associated trials and tribulations. Now I look back in complete wonder, realising I was completely stuck in a rut! But thank goodness for Charlotte and our coaching. "

- Max, Entrepreneur & TV Presenter

*Names have been changed to protect confidentiality