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A visionary coach, experienced psychotherapist and conscious catalyst for evolutionary change, Charlotte works with individuals, couples and leaders to connect to their conscious Self in life, love and leadership.

"The single greatest gift you can give to yourself, those you love and those you lead, is to be conscious. Only when you connect to your conscious Self  can you transform unconscious wounding into insightful wisdom, and become the fullest expression of your human potential." - Charlotte Braithwaite

Areas of Expertise

As a multidisciplinary psychotherapist and coach, Charlotte is passionate about the power of becoming conscious.

A relational academic with a thirst for personal growth, Charlotte is qualified in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Couples Counselling, and Psychosynthesis Life Coaching; her present ventures also include Individual and Organisational Leadership Coaching and writing her thesis for an MA in Psychosynthesis Coaching. She continually studies neuroscience, attachment theory, trauma recovery, existential crisis, mind-body connection and embodied leadership.

"We all have a history, we all have known suffering. Whilst we do our best to move on, unresolved wounds impact our sense of self and we inherently take this into our lives, our relationships and our workplaces.


When we aren't conscious of our internal wounding we live from our 'survival self',  projecting on other people and our external environments. This affects how we move in the world and hinders the quality of our personal and professional relationships.

However, this wounded 'survival self' is not who you are. Becoming conscious is about healing from history, unlearning your conditioning and aligning with your authentic Self, so that you can embody the fullest expression of your true potential in life, in love and in leadership."

A specialist in her field, Charlotte's expertise is qualified by years of in-depth training and extensive clinical experience having supported hundreds of clients through her successful private practice.

Her approach is an alchemy of empowering psycho-education, conscious awareness and radical compassion that when embodied, cultivates fertile ground for life-long personal and professional transformation.


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Connect with Charlotte through her social media channels where she regularly shares insights and musings.You can also sign up to the Be Conscious Chronicle - my monthly newsletter to help you stay conscious and connected in life, in love and in leadership.

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