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As a psychotherapist and coach, I integrate my in-depth understanding of the human psyche to facilitate meaningful transformation in service of you becoming the fullest expression of your human potential. 

Using an alchemy of trauma-informed psycho-education, relationship dynamics, conscious leadership and radical compassion, I weave together western psychology with eastern spiritual traditions that serves to integrate somatic, systemic, mindfulness and developmental perspectives.

My bespoke approach focuses on grounded 'wholeness' rather than 'chasing happiness', supporting individuals, couples and leaders to dis-identify from their survival self and connect with their authentic Self, in life, in love and in leadership.

Client's are empowered to own the parts of themselves in conflict, experience increased capacity to manage challenges and feel a greater sense of life meaning, purpose and value.

Discover ways in which I can support you...

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1:1 Life Coaching offers a catalyst to facilitate inner transformation in service of authentic Self realisation; an energised process to becoming to the fullest expression of your human potential. Uncover unconscious limitations, align to your purpose and unleash your will to achieving your aspirations and calling!

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Now more than ever, the world needs people to rise up as 'awake' leaders in their personal and professional lives. Conscious leadership starts with the Self and is about cultivating deep self awareness, resilient relationships, courageous cultures, purposeful action and embodying the values of a moral being. 

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Trauma, heartbreak, loss...whilst these are inevitable experiences, healing is essential for our life quality and sense of personal peace. Counselling and psychotherapy offers a reparative process of self-understanding that explores unconscious dynamics, emotional fluency, repeated patterns and internal wounding that are seeking healing from history.

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Conflict, change and challenge is a natural part of evolving relationship dynamics. Creating space for reflection can help to resolve, repair and revitalise. Couples counselling can help you to identify underlying issues, communicate consciously, establish healthy boundaries and (re-) build a deep sense of connection and intimacy.