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According to research by Work in Confidence,  better mental health support in the workplace could save UK businesses up to £8 billion per year, yet 60% of people don't disclose an anxiety condition to their employer for fear of not being supported...


In the UK, 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem each year, with suicide being the biggest killer of men until the age of 45. Just reflect for a minute how the above statistics could affect your organisation, or even you?

Whilst we have come along way with breaking down the stigma surrounding mental health, it often remains taboo and an avoided topic at work, despite the growing concerns around absenteeism, work-related stress and sign-offs. What's more, the collective trauma of the global pandemic and the reality of 'zoom fatigue' is undeniably increasing levels of stress, depression and anxiety...

Left unacknowledged, poor mental health can cause disruption and in some cases, devastation for both employees and employers. Society is waking up to the myth that as whole human beings, we can separate from our personal life at the door step of our professional role; and that high levels of stress does not serve for sustainable success. Many find themselves blindly bouncing between pushing through and burning out...

Conscious Leaders and forward-thinking support staff have a responsibility of proactively helping to prevent mental health in the workforce, or risk exacerbating collective stress trying to manage unproductive and ineffective behaviours. This means more than a flyer pinned to the HR board or a generic email signposting the Samaritans. But it doesn't have to be time consuming or emotionally taxing...


Key to managing mental health in your organisation is empowering your staff to take responsibility of managing their own mental health, especially in times of stress. Integral to this cause is properly equipping people with an accessible psycho-education on how the brain works,  normalising what happens to us mentally, emotionally and physically when we are under stress and teaching mindful practices that help to self-regulate our nervous system in states of overwhelm. 


It is unrealistic to expect business leaders and managers to go on long and expensive mental health training, especially in an economic crisis and whilst many employees continue to work from home. I have supported a variety of corporate organisations across multiple sectors,  sharing my expertise and experience as a psychotherapist and coach, presenting in person or via online webinars and facilitating open-culture discussion circles that help to meet this need...

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"Corporate culture matters. How management chooses to treat its people impacts everything, for better or worse.

- Simon Sinek

Working Together

Serving your workforce wellbeing...

My presentations are designed for both employees and employers in mind and share insightful statistics, accessible models and real life examples of how to educate yourself and support your teams mental health. I tailor each of my presentations to suit the audience and organisation, online or in person, and include the following as standard:

- Understanding the statistics of Mental Health in the UK & the impact on businesses


- Defining what is meant by mental health & how this is different to mental illness


- Psycho-education on how the brain works & the somatic/emotional connection to our mental activity 


- Normalising mental health in the context of COVID-19, lockdown & the anxieties of the workplace


- Framing the Fight, Flight, Freeze, Flop responses to stress and how they affect us at work


- Learning how to self-regulate our nervous system & manage emotions in times of overwhelm 

- Practical ways to take responsibility of our mental health & cultivate emotional resilience in stress & struggle

- Easy to implement tools & techniques to help create an open culture centred in compassion

- Understanding challenging behaviours & group dynamics in the context of workforce stress & mental health

- How to identify signs of mental health in your workforce & avenues of resource & support for employee mental health

Mental Health doesn't have to be a taboo topic or something that is only acknowledged in crisis; starting the conversation today invests in a more resilient workforce tomorrow...

Be Conscious Workforce Wellbeing


Each 'Workforce Wellbeing' webinar / presentation usually takes around 1-1.5 hours, depending on the needs of the team and organisation. A short Q&A session or a separate facilitated discussion circle is recommended to create open culture and shared experience. 

~ 1 hour 'Workforce Wellbeing' Webinar, presented via a stimulating & succinct  Powerpoint (no-one likes death by Powerpoint), including insightful psycho-education, statistics & empowering tools

- Q&A session in which attendees are given the opportunity to ask questions about the information presented, mental health & wellness

- Facilitated discussion circle designed as a safe space for teams to share their experiences of mental health, workforce stress or personal challenges without judgement and in confidence of compassionate support  (optional and usually held for 90 minutes)

Webinar + Q&A : £350

Facilitated Discussion Circle: £250

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Real Feedback from Real Organisations

"Excellent presentation with certainly a lot of points covered that I currently can identify with! The greatest point of resonance for me was the 'Freeze' and 'Flop' stages. I've heard of 'Fight' or 'Flight' as have many, but 'Freeze' and 'Flop' gave me a bit of a much needed wake up call to help understand my own current challenges. As you said, the micro breaks, mindful breathing and conscious down time are key to staying mentally strong- I'll certainly take that away from the session. Thank you Charlotte!"

- Dave, Global Product Manager