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Feeling lost? Isolated? Anxious or depressed? Struggling with relationship dynamics, personal crisis or challenging life transitions?


It takes real courage to seek support during times of uncertainty and stress; allowing yourself the time and space to process and heal is not luxury or self indulgent, Be Conscious Psychotherapy is fundamental self care...

No matter what our life circumstances, it is inevitable we will face times of turmoil and trauma. Whilst we are quick to tend to our physical wounding, our emotional wounding often remains raw and unhealed, unconsciously governing our life choices and behaviours, and causing ruptures in our relationships.

Becoming conscious is about understanding that you are not your wounding; but are the essential 'being' of your experiences. This process allows you to transform wounding into wisdom; take responsibility of your healing rather than blaming others; and co-create your future from your authentic Self.

With nearly over a decade of experience in the field of psychotherapy, I have served hundreds of clients through trauma recovery, heartbreak and healing.  My soul-centred approach integrates science-based psycho-education with spiritual perspectives of consciousness, wellness and wholeness.

How can Be Conscious Psychotherapy help?...

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" 'Psychotherapist' comes from the ancient Greek 'psyche' meaning 'soul' and 'therapeia' meaning 'guide'. A psychotherapist is really a 'soul guide' through your life journey.."
- Charlotte Braithwaite


Heal from history and awaken to Self...

Be Conscious Psychotherapy supports authentic self reflection on your innermost feelings, life history and the impact of emotional traumas.


Through an intimate journey of Self awakening, I serve as a personal guide in raising your conscious awareness to help you to understand your behaviours and choices, integrate the conflicting parts of yourself and heal from history. Working together, you will:

◬ Cultivate conscious awareness of your historic conditioning & how this has shaped the way you relate to yourself, others and the world 


Learn to (re)connect to your authentic Self through the conscious experiences of your body, feelings and mind


Identify unconscious mindsets & limiting beliefs that keep you hostage to the past & living small in your life

Release you from self-sabotaging patterns of behaviour & move towards conscious choice in service of your wellbeing

Transform wounding into wisdom through the healing of personal & generational trauma & dysfunctional attachments

Integrate & synthesis parts of the personality that may be in conflict & learn to embrace emotional fluency

Nurture nourishing, connected relationships with others whilst holding healthy boundaries with integrity & grace

Build a sense of self-trust & courage, attune to your intuition & find life meaning, purpose & value

Becoming conscious of your conditioning & healing your personal wounding is one of the most profound self-realisations...Are you ready to gift yourself this opportunity?

Open-ended Psychotherapy

Be Conscious Psychotherapy is about authentic transformation, not quick fix solutions. Each session is attuned to your unique needs and supportive of your long-term quality of life, meaning and purpose...

~ 50 minute weekly or bi-weekly sessions (in person or online) to create consistent support through a trusting & healing relationship

~ Open-ended support: sessions are unlimited so client's are welcome to stay for as long as it feels beneficial

~ Insightful self-reflective tools & techniques that help to understand yourself and heal from history

~ A safe, compassionate space held for you and for you only

Initial 50 minute Consultation: £70

50 min pay-as-you-go: £89 per session

4 session block: £320 (save 10% p/s)

Are you ready to free yourself from the past and become conscious to who you are? Inquire for a FREE 15 minute introductory call...


Real Testimonials. Real Transformations

""I got in contact with Charlotte at a time where it felt like rock bottom for me. I had not long had a baby and felt like I should be on top of the world, yet I felt like it was swallowing me up. Charlotte is one of the best counsellors I have seen - not only has she got the most up to date, current and relevant knowledge (she really knows her stuff), Charlotte has this kind natured energy about her that makes you feel at ease. She genuinely cares about every little thing you say in your sessions.


Charlotte was able to help me work through my darkness until I saw the light for myself. She taught me strategies to manage day to day and in all honesty, I don't know what I'd have done without her support. I would highly recommend seeing Charlotte."

- Cassy, Psychotherapy Client

*Names have been changed to protect confidentiality