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Do you long to realise your aspirations but feel overwhelmed & stuck?


Do you feel called to become the best version of yourself but feel held back by impostor syndrome or burn out?


Are you ready to make radical change but struggle to take action? Then Be Conscious Coaching is the catalyst you need...

Be Conscious Coaching involves identifying and creating strategies for realising specific and meaningful goals in alignment with realising your potential - whether that be for your personal growth, career, relationships or navigating life challenges with confidence and clarity.


As a qualified coach, I hold a holistic view of human nature, where the unique and inherent potential in each person, and the urge to actualise this, is at the centre of my approach. This 'soul-centred' way of working weaves together recognised coaching principles, within dynamic, transformative models grounded in Psychosynthesis - a psychology of consciousness and wholeness.

Working with a coach is a proven to dramatically enhance personal accountability and manifest desired outcomes. Plus, there is a fundamental advantage to working with me...


"Coaching is unlocking a personal's potential to maximise their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them." - TIM GALLWEY


Gain clarity, confidence and courage...

As well as a qualified coach, my experience and expertise as a psychotherapist allows me to integrate my in-depth understanding of the psyche and human behaviour to deeply attune to your unique needs. My focus isn't just in supporting you to reach your desired  outcomes, but also in a transformation of consciousness that supports your sustainable growth and long-term resilience. 


Through an alchemy of psycho-education, deep insight and profound 1-1 bespoke support, Be Conscious Coaching can facilitate you to:

⋗ Clarify and align your goals with a personal sense of purpose, meaning and value

Cultivate deep self awareness so that you can untangle from history & conditioning to realise your authentic self

Uncover unconscious limiting mindsets that keep you stuck or in a cycle of self-sabotage & transform your core beliefs

Recognise your core qualities, inherent gifts, and natural talents to identify untapped inner skills and outer resources

Grow the self worth and confidence to say yes to yourself whilst holding healthy boundaries with others

Unleash your potential by activating your will in service of personal transformation & radical change

Feeling energised by what you read? Let's ground in the logistics...

Be Conscious Life Coaching

Be Conscious Life Coaching is a 12 week personalised coaching experience designed to propel you towards realising your potential and self-actualising your aspirations. Each session is attuned to your unique needs and supportive of your sustainable future progress.


~ 6 x 60 minute 1:1 intensive coaching sessions (usually bi-weekly & online for your convenience)

~ Bonus celebration call to review & celebrate the progress you have made and the challenges you have overcome

~ Mindset models, therapeutic insights, journal prompts, psycho-education and transformative techniques to profoundly elevate your consciousness

~ Weekly check-ins to help keep you accountable & motivated

~ Recommended resources such as TedTalks, Podcasts & reading lists to accelerate your personal development

Total investment: £1,111 or 3 x monthly instalments of £407

Ready to take a conscious step towards your future self...? Contact Charlotte for a free discovery call!

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What Be Conscious Coaching clients say...

"I was at a point in my life where I felt ready to focus on developing my future career. Charlotte helped me to tune into my strengths and potential and own my space, rather than playing small. How freeing this is! The whole process helped me to prioritise areas and break down tasks into manageable, achievable success. Charlotte recognised when I hit an emotional block and guided me through them; even re-framing them so they became enjoyable and exciting. Thank you for your grace, encouragement and attentiveness...I have learned so much from our sessions together."

- Rebecca, Coaching Client

*Names have been changed to protect confidentiality