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Feeling alone in your relationship? Disconnected from each other? Fighting about long ago feuds? Struggling with betrayal?


Never has there been so much pressure on relationships as there is today. The modern ideology of finding 'The One' and the impossible fantasy of a life-long honeymoon period means that our expectations and our reality of relationships are often seemingly polarised. But with Be Conscious Couples it doesn't have to feel that way...

We each bring into new unions old wounding we hope to be healed, societal and cultural pressures and ingrained childhood conditioning. Much of the time, these are the invisible forces that create conflict and challenge in a relationship - yet remain unspoken and unconsciously acted out, causing chaos and suffering on both sides.


The art of conscious relationship is not something that effortlessly manifests like in the movies, it has to be crafted, nurtured and nourished. Being a Conscious Couple is about learning to dance within paradox: being together whilst remaining individual, feeling safe whilst longing desire, seeking unconditional love through a conditional lens.


Be Conscious Couples is about creating curious inquiry, opportunity for reparation and taking responsibility for the relationship. For some, this may result in a respectful process of separation; for others, it is a replenishing process of resolution and revitalisation whereby you build a deeper sense of connection and intimacy.

Working with a psychotherapist can be a great support...

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"The quality of our relationships

determines the quality of our lives"
- Esther Perel

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What it means to consciously connect...

Be Conscious Couples is a co-creative process that seeks to serve both you and your partner navigate the dance of relationship. Whether you are in conflict and facing challenge, or want to deepen your connection together, working with me can help you to:

- Understand how your childhood experiences & attachments influence your relationship & release old conditioning


- Learn to how to speak your partners love language & meet each others needs, wants & desires


- Experience deeper empathy & intimacy through conscious conversation & play

- Nurture a nourishing, connected relationship with each other whilst holding healthy boundaries with integrity & grace

- Gain insight into tools & techniques to self-regulate in times of stress & feel safe in communicating your needs

- Connect to each others internal worlds with the space to talk openly, be seen & feel heard in a safe & holding environment

- Cultivate healthy ways to navigate conflict & challenge with each other & external relationships / circumstances

Are you ready to step our of power-struggle and stress and consciously take responsibility together? 

Be Conscious Couples 

Be Conscious Couples is grounded in curiosity, not condemnation. Sessions are not about blame, but bettering yourselves as individuals, together. Each session is designed to serve the needs, learning and growth supportive of your long-term quality of your relationship.


~ 50 minute sessions that are usually weekly or bi-weekly to create consistent & containing support, either in person or online

~ Open-ended support: sessions are unlimited so couple's are welcome to stay for as long as it feels beneficial

~  Insightful tools, techniques & activities to help you understand yourselves & each other, as well as space to talk & share safely


~ Recommended resources such as TedTalks, Podcasts & reading lists to accelerate your personal & partnered growth

Personal investment: £120 per session or 4 for £420

Contact Charlotte for a free 15 minute discovery call & to arrange a standalone initial session...